Thursday, August 20, 2015

Clean up stage.

I'm kind of in a clean up stage.

Tuskers III almost ready to go. I want to give The Last Fedora, a final pass through, which is a new step for me, but one I feel I need to take to be 'professional.'  I intend to make Blood of the Succubus, a longer book, at least 80K words, instead of the 60K it is now. I need to get Gargoyle Dreams, in shape enough to send to my editor.

So that's all going to happen from now until October 1.

No new projects until these three books are shaped up.

Then I want to write the second half of Tuskers IV.

And then and only then will I be able to write the long delayed third Virginia Reed adventure (set right here in eastern Oregon, about The Lost Blue Bucket Mine.)

I suppose it's good I have all these books to work on, but I miss writing the first draft of something.

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