Friday, August 28, 2015

Second thoughts.

I'm starting to have second thoughts about changing my writing process and how I deal with completed manuscripts.

Giving it another rewrite is a good idea and I'm going to do that.

But trying to expand 60K novels to 80K novels -- that I'm not so sure about. These are good books as they are. Expanding them wouldn't necessarily make them better, they would just fit some outside perimeter of what publishers might be looking for.

So I think I'll not do the expansion thing unless there is a specific request to do so.

What I've been doing as been working pretty well. I write the best novel I know how, and then move on the next novel, trying to make it better. I think it would be mistake to linger on books that I've finished and that I already like.

As I said -- the extra rewrite -- that's O.K.

Otherwise, just keep on trucking.

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