Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Schrodinger's Cat books.

I have a bunch of book that are alive or not alive, depending on whether I look at them.

I have three or four that I could pick up and give the final push.

I have a bunch more that require full rewrites.

But my heart wants to write another original book, and another, and that's what I'm doing with the theory that none of it is wasted. Inspiration is the currency here. Hard work is the payment.

I can always put the hard work of rewriting in, even when I'm not necessary inspired. But I can't write new stories without at least some inspiration, and despite all the advice not to wait for inspiration, I also believe its dangerous not to take the inspiration when it comes.

By that I mean the words flowing, the excitement I feel to see where the story is going. That feeling can't be manufactured -- it can be incubated, but not forced.

I've been expecting it to flag for about 3 years now, but it just keeps flowing and damn if I'm going to stop it.  Something will probably happen someday that puts the brakes to it, so I'm just going to keep writing until that happens.

Hopefully it will never happen.  Hopefully I'll just keep writing, getting slightly better with each effort.

All I know is I enjoy the inspiration...I'll let Schrodinger's Cat alone for now.

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