Monday, March 16, 2015

Dreaming solutions.

Sometimes I dream solutions, but most often an answer pops into my head just as I'm falling asleep or just as I'm waking up.

If I have any doubts about my writing, these little helpful hints tell me my subconscious is still engaged and still willing.

As I've been mentioning, I have a timeline problem with the beginning of the third Tuskers book.  The Tuskers set off a massive electromagnetic pulse which fries every machine in the world.  I was looking for ways to level the playing field, to make it at least moderately possible that wild pigs could be a threat to humanity.  So this Pulse, along with the virus the humans set loose upon both humans and pigs at the end of the second book, instigate the downfall of human civilization.

The problem I was having was the timing of the Pulse.  I have it happening about 2/3rds of the way through Tuskers II.  Then, I more or less go back in time in the third book, and then back in time again.

I woke up this morning realizing that everything could be fixed if there were TWO Pulses -- the first a localized, limited, experimental, not-ready-yet Pulse which is what gives the Tuskers the advantage in the battle we see in the Tuskers II and the aftermath in III. 

And then, a much larger, worldwide Pulse.

That takes care of the timing problem.  I have to rewrite a little, but it should be achievable. 


Like I said, there always seems to be a solution, though it isn't always easy to see at first.

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