Saturday, May 18, 2013

Struggling with it.

I really struggled with writing yesterday -- the way it's supposed to be, eh?  I made my quota of words, but I wasn't satisfied with them.  This book is going to require a lot of rewriting to make it good.

It can be hard to get my head in the story after a few days away working at the store.  But I know the break is probably good for me.

As I mentioned on my blog, it goes to show how socialized I've become that I even notice how lonely writing is. 

It also probably shows that my expectations have been raised that I even consider the possibility of people actually reading me.  I think I used to daydream a lot about being published, but also figured it wouldn't happen.  Now I think I daydream a little less, but know that this writing will be put out there, one way or another.

Not sure which is better.

I can't help but talk about writing at the store and I'm afraid I'm becoming obnoxious about it.  Or talk too much about it here.  But whenever I think maybe I shouldn't talk about it so much, I realize that the feedback I'm getting this way may be the only feedback I'll ever get.  And little pats on the back can carry me a long ways.

Anyway -- I always have trouble when I try to overlay or integrate new material with old material.  I think I might be better off just starting from scratch, but it's hard when some of the old material is good.

The solution -- counter-intuitively -- isn't to integrate the new material into the old, but to write the new material as if the old material doesn't exist and then try to incorporate the old material into the framework.  

I'm recognizing that this is a book that will require a lot of rewriting.  As I've mentioned before, I write two kinds of books: ones that come easy and ones that come hard.  This is one that will come hard, I can already see.

I'd kind of sworn that I wouldn't do the latter type anymore, but I like this idea so much that I'm going to finish it. 

Probably won't hurt me to slow down and fight with a book for awhile.

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