Sunday, May 12, 2013

Abe makes an entrance.

I finished the second chapter of Led to the Slaughter.  Again, it came out much differently than I expected, but it came out.

It wasn't as action packed perhaps as the first chapter.  More of a set up chapter.  The Reed family decides to leave Springfield.  I was able to add one neat element.  Abe Lincoln as an influence.

Even better if I could actually get him into the chapter, somehow.  Maybe he pays a visit?


Yep, added him to the beginning of the chapter.  All historically valid.  How cool is that?

Abraham Lincoln around this time was offered the "secretary" position in the territory.  So I have him turning it down, and coming around to inform the Reeds of his decision, but how important he thinks Oregon is to the future of the country.  (Lincoln had lots of supporters in Oregon -- in 1849 he was offered the Governorship of the territory, but again turned it down.)

In August of 1846, Lincoln was elected to his one term in Congress, a couple of months before the Donner Party met its doom.  So it would be entirely possible that he visited the Reeds and informed them of his decision to run.

Both Reed and Lincoln fought in the Blackhawk war and lived in Springfield, so who knows?

Adding Lincoln to the chapter added 400 more words, which made the chapter longer than the first chapter, rather than smaller.  I'm trying for an average of 1500 words minimum per chapter, and about 30 chapters.

Making that a requirement forces me to flesh out things a bit more, I think.  I'm trying harder to put in descriptions and telling details.

Came back and added a couple of Lincoln anecdotes -- the story of him saving baby birds and his opinion of under dogs and how they often started all the "fuss."

It's actually difficult to restrain myself from writing more.  I'm done sooner than I expect, but I still think it's a good idea to let times lapse between new chapters.  Give myself a chance to recharge.  

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