Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday thuds.

How many times am I going to say "Wow!!" today?

Not only do I have lights where I didn't have them for months, but the new lights are twice as bright.

I'm going to call the landlord and say, "Do the rest!"

Only problem?  I'll have to dust more often...


Went for my annual check-up, which I don't really need or want except that they won't renew my lipitor without a blood test.  He casually mentions a booster for tetanus and chickenpox, and I say, "sure."

Takes all of five minutes, done by the nurse.  Whole appointment takes about half an hour.

Today I get a bill for 430.00.

I didn't ask to be injected with gold.  Just a freakin' booster.


So I get the annual credit report.  The really free one not the one that says it's free.

Yeah, so I get a report, but I don't get my SCORE!

Since I have zero negative reports, I'll just assume it's good.


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