Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How do you portray nothing happening?

JOURNAL: 5/20/13.

Trying a couple of tricky narrative tricks.  Don't know if they are going to work.

I'm just trying to get the basic plot down.  I'm going to need to go back later and add depth.

Soon I'll be facing the cold and hunger chapters.

How do you portray long periods of time where nothing happens?  How do you portray not eating and not moving without being boring?  That will be a challenge.

Once they try to escape, and once the werewolves start striking, then everything will be easier.

So I've got to figure out a trick.

Wrote the second Stanton chapter.  It was a struggle.  I finally added a werewolf element to the chapter, and that gave me enough wordage.

I've got one more set-up chapter, which will get us halfway through the book.

Then the cold, starving chapters at Truckee Lake.

Not sure how I'm going to do those.  I feel like I need a couple of chapters of that without the werewolves.  Maybe have the werewolf enter the second chapter.

How do portray hunger?   How do you portray nothing happening but hunger and cold?

Then go to Stanton and Reed, and the beginning of the rescue.

Then the action scenes to fill out the rest of the book.


Anonymous said...

I remember, years ago, when this blog was a hotbed of commentary about the Bend economy. Now I check it only once a month.

I understand your change in approach, Duncan. You do this just for yourself.

But I is sad.

Duncan McGeary said...

Hard to make any connections anymore without Bend blogs. Much of my Bend commentary came from information there.

Oh well, life moves on.

I is sad, too.

Anonymous said...

For some reason the bookmark I have for this blog always opens to a post from 2009 and I have to refresh it to see the recent posts. Just looking over the posts then,it was actually interesting! Most posts had comments and discussions about something Dunc was rattling on about. Usually a local topic of the day, or even the big bad people in real estate. Today .... not so much. I'll check once a week or so, but in a few seconds I'm off to something interesting somewhere else.