Wednesday, May 1, 2013

After Wolflander -- Ghostlander?

Wrote the second Donner Party chapter.  The incidents just seemed to lend themselves to the rhythm of my chapters.  What I think may happen is that I'll continue to develop this so that it's a little mini-story inside the larger story.  I think up to 6 or 7 chapters.

I'm finding that story and plot are getting slightly easier, the writing itself slightly harder.  But the writing can be fixed, whereas the plot is much harder to change, so I'm OK with that.

Have to work at the store for a few days, then another writing session.  Plan to finish the main body of the first draft at the end of that week.  Then another week for the Flashback chapters, then another week for a rewrite, then hand it over to Lara and forget about it.

I'm intending to cycle my books from now on.  While one is being edited and letting itself fade a little so it stays fresh and I can come back to it with new perspective, I'll work on something else.  Then repeat the process.

 I'm thinking yet another Cobb book.  This one about ghosts.  I have a major character killed heroically in Wolflander, so I thought maybe I can bring her back as a ghost.  I especially like that with ghosts, anything I come up with is acceptable.  I can go anywhere I want with it. I can make up any thing I want and who's to vouchsafe it? (Always wanted to use that word...)

One of the first stories I remember Linda telling me when we met was about the Winchester house in California -- the heiress felt guilty about her father's inventing such a deadly rifle and a medium told her that as long as she kept building on the house that she wouldn't die.  So she built this mansion with staircases leading nowhere and rooms with not exits and so on.

So I'll just make of a fictional version of that house in Bend.  That's haunted.

My little team of characters is growing by about one character per book.  One of the surviving werewolves is going to be part of the team.  Cool.

I'm still focused on the writing -- and probably will be for another couple of years.  Marketing the book comes in as a distant second.

I think I'm getting better.  I think that as I get better, I can upgrade what I've already written.  I think that I want to put my strongest effort as my first effort and that I've probably not written my strongest effort yet.

So I think.

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