Friday, May 10, 2013

No writing plan survives the first paragraph.

So I said yesterday I'd write the Donner Party Werewolf in a very plain, matter of fact way.

Instead, the first few pages have probably been some of the most ornate language I've ever used.  It might be over the top, it might be overwriting, but it's what is coming out and I'm going with it.

I have a sort of different plan with this book.  I'm not going to worry about length.  I'm going to wait until inspiration comes for every part of the book, make sure the words are coming out naturally and feel right.

It may be I'll get bogged down and have to rethink this plan, but for now I'm hoping I've got enough psychic energy invested in this story that it will come to me.

I felt an urgency to get started, and this is usually a good sign.

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