Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We may be poor, but we play hard.

Wired Magazine has published a map of America showing the prevalence of the Seven Deadly Sins.

.....See if you read it the way I do......

It looks like Oregon is at the lowest end (a bland tan) of all the sins but 2, Envy and Sloth. (Apparently, the valley ranks high in robberies and such.)

Eastern Oregon is clear of all the sins but one. Which is colored in at the HIGHEST LEVEL (a blood red). Go Ahead. Guess which one.

'Sloth' is defined by them as:

"Expenditures on art, entertainment, and recreation compared with employment."

In other words, Poverty with a View. Heh.

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blackdog said...

As a client of mine used to say, "People come to Bend to play, not to work."

Oregonians do seem to be unusually self-indulgent when it comes to giving themselves lots of playtime -- whether it's mountain biking and skiing in Bend or pub-hopping in Portland.

This is nice in some ways, but a pain in the ass when you need to get something done well and on time.