Saturday, September 19, 2009

They didn't buy it to leave it alone.

Speaking of "only the paranoid survive." I can't believe how many people believe Disney and Warner Movies are just going to leave comics alone.

They didn't take over these companies (or divisions) to do nothing.

Iger from Disney has said, "There will be no Disneyfication of Marvel."

You know, when the new boss comes in and announces, "Don't worry, nothing will change," it's time to start worrying about change.

"But they've left Pixar alone," several people have commented.

Pixar is a giant compared to Marvel. Huge moneymaker. Someone pointed out once that no studio in the history of movies has had more than 3 or 4 hits in a row. Pixar has had, what 15? 20?, in a row without a real flop.

Who's going to mess with that? "Yes, Sir, Mr.Lassiter!" you say, if you have any brains.


"What do you mean you only sell 50,000 Iron Man comics? What's wrong with you people! This was the biggest hit of the summer!!!"

"Er....comics don't sell all that well."

"Why not? Why are you wasting your time on some podunk shop in Bend, Oregon that only sells 8 copies.....don't they have a Walmart? A Target?"

Bottom line, the corporate bigwigs have taken over comics; what they'll do is anyone's guess. But I don't believe it bodes well.

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