Monday, September 14, 2009

My second Sunday off...

I took the full day off, instead trying to redo my subscriptions. Pretty much wasted the day, but felt fully righteous. Went on a Lord of the Rings marathon. Watched about half of it on cable, before I got annoyed enough with the full screen and commercials and hauled out the DVD's.

Oh, and watched Strange Days which is a movie I always really liked, but which everyone else seems to hate. Set in the turn of the Millennium, (2000), and made in 1995, it rather amusingly has it's clunky high tech futurism. (S.F. movies always seem to underestimate miniaturism.) In the background are news reports of such outrageous things as, gasp, 2.00 a gallon gas!!

I'm picking up on my reading. So for this month I've read, The Scarecrow, by Micheal Connelly. Change of pace from Harry Bosch books. A laid-off reporter, going for one final 'screw-you, bosses' major story.

The Stone Canal, by Ken MacLeod. I've read these all out of order, so a bit confusing. Complete world building, with computer advanced humans accelerating into near gods, leaving ordinary humans behind.

Hard Freeze, by Dan Simmons. I think Simmons' S.F. and Horror is better than his hard-boiled detective. (And I mean hard-boiled -- has to pick one of two gangsters to take with him on a undercover mission, shoots the other in the eye...) A quick read.

Halfway through an Alan Furst, The Foreign Correspondent, who's an author other authors always refer to admiringly. Set in pre-WWII Paris among the Italian resistance. This is "Casablanca" territory, and I'm really enjoying it.

Running out of coffee, so been stretching out a thin gruel. Enough to stave off the headaches. I count on Linda to do all the shopping. I still get a little nervous alone in grocery stores, which after all this time is kind of strange, but there it is. Don't have a problem when Linda is with me, just alone.

I figure this week will be the dead week that always happens at the end of 'retail' summer. So, I'm going to kick back and enjoy it.

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Jason said...

Who doesn't like Strange Days?!? That movie, despite its age, still watches well.

Mysteriously, I don't own a copy yet. Methinks I have some DVD shopping to do ...