Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Time of life.

As candid as I try to be for this blog, you may have noticed that I don't talk about personal and family troubles all that much.

You may also have noticed that I've talked about "change" a lot lately.

Linda has a sister in S.F. who is suffering from some major health issues right now, and my wife has had to jet down a couple of weeks in a row for three or four days to try to deal with them. They've kind of escalated -- into what I would call a 'worst case' scenario.

When Lois made Linda the executor of her estate and gave her power of attorney, we didn't think much about it.


This is turning into something really major, something we can't easily resolve. All the choices are pretty gray, and none of them are appealing.

Linda had planned to spend about 4 days down there, but last night I told her it made no sense to keep flying back and forth when things aren't settled. I found an e-mail this morning that she is going to stay another week.

I really feel for Linda, who had no idea this was coming. It's been difficult to line up the social workers and insurance folk and doctors and lawyers and nurses and all the rest.

From all indications it is only going to get worse.

I'm leery to give Linda too much advice. It just seems to add to her pressure, but I know after a difficult day she wants to talk for awhile on the phone and let off a little steam.

These health issues just seem to be lining up one after one in the near future, with parents and siblings. Just that time of life, I guess.


tim said...

Good luck to you guys. I'm wishing well at ya.

blackdog said...

So sorry to hear this news, Dunc. Serious illness is a terrible stress for the healthy members of the family as well as the sick ones. Make sure Linda gets enough rest and takes care of herself.

Getting old is no picnic. I just learned today that within the past couple of weeks a friend of mine found out that both of her sisters have cancer. To judge by what you see and read in the popular media, all of us baby boomers are going to live healthily forever (or at least until we're about 98), but it just ain't so.

Best of luck, and everything else, to you.

Duncan McGeary said...

As a purely non-political observation. We baby boomers are going to crash on the health care system like a full on tsunami over the next decade or so.

I've often thought those younger than us will just want to stick us on ice flows and be done with us.

Thanks for your thoughts, guys.

blackdog said...

"As a purely non-political observation. We baby boomers are going to crash on the health care system like a full on tsunami over the next decade or so."

Yes. And that's why something must be done to fundamentally reform our health care racket ... uh, I mean "system." The profit-driven system, with physicians, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies all trying to squeeze as much cash out of patients as they possibly can, simply does not work anymore.