Friday, September 4, 2009

The Brits were right.

Well, excuse me.

Last Sunday, when the English dudes from the BBC were in the store, doing a story on "homelessness" in Bend, I argued that we were "no worse" than any other urban area. That they were misunderstanding the phrase "poverty with a view."

Up pops this from KTVZ:

Central Oregon homeless rate No. 6 in nation

Central Oregon ranks sixth in the nation in overall homelessness rates and third among rural communities, according to a report just released this week by the National Alliance to End Homeless.

The high homeless rate in Central Oregon is attributed to the local high housing, foreclosure, and unemployment rates.


I guess we really are the poster child for this boom and bust.


Duncan McGeary said...

It's funny how for a long time Bend kept showing on lists with Naples, FL, and Prescott, AZ.

Now we keep sharing company with Flint, Michigan.

tim said...

We're taken to slumming.