Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Watchmen.

You'd think I'd be into reviews. I'm pretty media conscious, and I have my opinions, but for some reason I get lazy when it comes to reviews. It takes too much nuance for me to explore. I like a movie or don't like a movie in varying degrees, you know what I mean?

Meanwhile, I feel almost obligated to either hate most comic book movies, or to love most comic book movies.

Watchmen is a flawed movie that I think will gain resonance as time goes on. It's elements are interesting in a way that will need further viewings, much in the same way that Blade Runner affected me. I suspect there will be more than one Director's Cut.

There isn't really a story arc that carries you through, but at no time was I bored, because the visual elements were so strong.

Much of what I've heard reviewers say is true -- that it has an inert quality, that it is faithful to the book but somehow misses the paranoia of the book. The beginning credits are the best part, and made me nostalgic for a time that never existed.

The ending of both the book and the movie is the biggest weakness -- I just never bought the premise, and because the movie stays true to that ending in spirit, it has the same weakness.

I had read enough reviews to be afraid that some of the performances would be weak, but I didn't find that. I thought Rorschach and the Comedian were especially strong.

But you know what's best?

The book still is a stronger story; and I'll still be able to say, "If you liked the movie, you'll love the novel."

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Anonymous said...

Major Disappointment is what Hollywood moguls are saying, they didn't recoup the 100's million the first weekend.

This could signal the end of the comic-book flood, everyone was expecting another 'dark-knight' ( $500M income ), trouble is somebody had to die to make the 'dark-knight' infamous. Had BrokeBack MTN not offed himself, the dark-knight would not have gone viral.

I haven't seen, will wait until I can get on DVD so I can make a copy.

Regarding 'blade runner' the #1 best sci-fi ever made period, the Watchman will be forgotten in months. Your review is quite similar to NYTIMES and others. I still watch 'blade-runner' once a month.

Let's hope that hollywood convinces somebody famous from the 'watchman' to off themselves in the coming months, otherwise this will be a money loser, and the end of Hollywood's love affair with 'comics'.