Thursday, March 26, 2009

That can't be right.....

Somethings weird. Added up all my bills and all my funds and all my estimated earnings for the rest of the month, and I come out waaaayy too far ahead. That can't be right.

Whenever this has happened in the past, I've found I miscounted or forget a bill or overestimated. But, at least so far, it's looking good. It shows -- more clearly than ever before -- that it's not so much what I earn, as what I save that counts.

This on my worst sales month in 5 years. I think I had a surplus at the beginning of the month that I didn't pay much attention to, so that would explain part of it. But what really happened was: I held off reordering, and then held off again, and then ordered a minimum amount, and then held off again, and then ordered a minimum amount.

Come to this week.

When it came time to make orders this week, I realized about halfway through the process that I could afford to order every game, book and graphic novel I needed. Without going into debt.

Cool beans.

So I've got about 5000.00 worth of stuff coming in today. I'll stretch putting it out over the next few days. This is almost the most fun part of my job; a little bit of Christmas.

I keep saying that this is my worst sales month in 5 years, but there is still a chance that the next 6 days will prove me wrong. Spring break has brought in more sales than I expected; if that rate of increase continues, I may still stay north of the number I had in Sept, Oct., Nov, Jan. and Feb.

It will take at least one humongous day; and those have been few and far between lately. Still, after the first ten days of this month I didn't think I had a chance in hell.

Feeling way too optimistic.

That can't be right......


Unknown said...

If it's right squirrel it away.

Bend hit 16% unemployment in February. You guys are way ahead of the curve. Pretty sure the rest of us will catch up soon.

The bottom is in and recovery is right around the corner, right?

Duncan McGeary said...

Well, one encouraging thing is that no major banks have failed recently, right?

And, personally, despite all the frugal talk, I don't sincerely that the American public is really going to change their ways....