Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NOW they offer it!

Been waiting for the Point of Sale system from my comic distributor Diamond for almost two years. So they wait until my slowest month in years to make the offer.

Fortunately, they are offering it on a 10% down and 18 month payment plan for qualified accounts, which I should be one.

I'm going to just flat out hire on contract my friend Aaron Leis to be my tech-support guy. He's going to set it up, and teach me. I'm going to get a real web-page going, with a shopping cart, set up accounts with Amazon and E-bay or whatever, get PayPal, do the whole enchilada, and keep Aaron on retainer. Time to start selling stuff out of the basement...

(I'm hoping in the end, the whole process will pay for itself....)

I'm pretty excited by the whole prospect, and a little stressed by the amount of work I see coming. (I'm going to have to enter my entire store on an Excel Spreadsheet; silly me, I thought the scanners would read what kind of product it was and the price, but it only reads the info I enter for existing product.)

Once I'm up and running, I'll get the info automatically.

Much of it will have to be bulk categories, to be manageable.

I'll need to call my other wholesalers to see if they have the stuff they've sold me over the last year or so on in bits.

Oh, hell, the ramifications are enough to paralyze me like a rabbit in headlights.

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Bewert said...

Dunc, if Diamond has a clue, it will bring in title info and SRP from the scan. Aaron should know that.

Good luck--I think you will find a unique and large audience when you put all that cool stuff online.