Thursday, March 5, 2009

"all my base are belong to you."

It's back to my base.

When I reached the peak of my diversification efforts a couple of years ago, my non-comics part of my store reached 55% of sales.

They have been around 50% for most of the last few years.

When I first approached my landlord for a new lease, she said,"You'll weather this better than most stores, because of the kind of business you have...."

"What ya talkin'about?" I felt like saying.

But you know what? I'm thinking she's right. I have regulars, and that makes all the difference.

So far this month, comics and comic related material are accounting for 75% of my sales. It's still early, but .... wow.

Meanwhile, after losing a few steady regulars late last year and early this year, the subscription list seems to have stabilized. I even had two new sign-ups yesterday.

I'm sort of hoping, but not expecting, that the WATCHMEN movie will remind a few lapsed readers how much they liked graphic stories. (Though I fear an unending stream of 17 year old guys making snarky comments but not buying anything....)


tim said...

Does this mean that books aren't doing as well as they were before? Weren't you saying a couple months ago that books were your new gravy train?

Duncan McGeary said...

Book sales have been down the last couple of weeks, which relates to the less tourist things.

I need to quit reacting to each day's sales, positive or negative, though.

My long term plans are pretty solid, as long as I stick to them.

I spent too much money on books in the fall, and then compounded that in spring. But it'll all get absorbed by the budget by summer as long as I don't blow another fuse.