Friday, March 13, 2009

Stimulate me.

Just had a customer come in and tell me he got 13.00 back on his paycheck due to the Obama stimulus, and that he just had to spend it right away.

That's the proper spirit! Come on guys, due you're patriotic duty, every freakin' one of yous, and spend 13.00 each in my store.

What? You're not going to do it?

Commie bastards.

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Carl said...

At least with the Bush stimulus check, it was big enough to do something with, v. a whopping $13/week tax reduction. In my case, I sent it in to help with the Qtrly tax estimate that was coming due.

This whole stimulus thing is a big joke anyways. Anyone see how EO got the shaft on the $$ for projects> Except for Ontario nada.