Sunday, March 8, 2009

Poster Child? Who me?

What am I, the POSTER CHILD for downtown Bend business?

I don't make a very good Poster Child. If you plastered my face all over posters, no one would make a donation.

They'd ask their money back.

They'd probably demand to be paid

I have sort of made a decision to quit comparing myself to other businesses. It's pointless. Just going to keep watching my own bottom line.

And, no I'm not WISHING for a return to the '80's; I was just trying to see the bright side of the slowdown. Another word for Freedom, is nothing left to lose.

After all, anyone who calls his blog The Best Minimum Wage Job a Middle Aged Guy Ever Had, obviously has a tendency to put the best face on things.....

1 comment:

BilboBend said...

Well dunc, you have had your 15 minutes, more frequent than Andy Warhol, ...

Now that your famous now what?

Watch your back, now that the world knows that your grossing $12/day, the meth-heads could very well target your shop for a daylight robbery.

The price of fame, tanks very much, I'll have my anonymity.

Just give the money dunc, $12 is not worth your life.