Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Economic Survey.

Another one of those surveys in the Bulletin that I don't believe have much real validity, except as rough estimates of people's attitudes.

"Economic Attitudes"

Probably a self-selecting group of responders, who I suspect represent the two extremes of the Bell Curve -- those who are doing well, and those who are doing poorly.

Interesting that 24% of the responders thought their house was worth the same or more.

As far as what people are cutting back? I don't believe what people say, I believe what they do.

Still, can't bode well for public transportation that only 1.7% are taking the bus more.

What this survey mostly shows is that the real damage hasn't hit, yet. Only 5.2 have moved to cheaper housing, for instance. It looks mostly like lip-service to me, like the guy who is quoted as saying he spends only 30.00 on going out meals, instead of 60.00.

People are just cutting around the edges, they haven't really bitten the bullet.


Little Old said...

If I remember, the survey asked if it was worth the same or more than when we bought it.

Mine is worth the same, but I bought in 2000.

But maybe you remember the question better than I do. I just remember that the question left me wanting to answer "OTHER" but it wasn't an option.

Bendable said...

The survey results graphic says at the top, "although unscientific, this poll was meant to get a rough idea of how Central Oregonians are coping during the current recession."
I don't think the article suggested that it was anything more than that.

Duncan McGeary said...

Oh, I agree. It's for curiosity.

Anonymous said...

Funny today in PDX, the city economist officially declared that Portland is in a depression, with what 1/2 the 'reported' un-employment of Bend?

City Comish Lindberg asked the econ man what he meant, and econ replied "A depression is a severe recession, and we have been in a severe recession for some time".

Portland city revenue is collapsing.

Too bad that Bend city council still think's that there isn't even a recession, with what a real un-employment of 25%.

'Cutting Back', its just pathetic, even the 'riche' yuppies I know are walking and/or running from their 2nd prongy, brasada, ,or remington lots and 'cabins'.

Most notable is that lots @tetherow, and @highland@BT are being foreclosed, people are simply letting raw lots go bank to the bank rather than pay $500 HOA's to these 'resorts'. Note, and these were the rich people.

The poor little blue collar fuck lost his job long ago, ... Most high tech people I know have been laid off, but it looks like un-employment is going to go forever.

Had an interesting talk with a kid from Seattle last night at Deschutes, he was here skiing mid-week, a structural engineer with PHD, laid off last year, says that as long as he applys for 2-3 jobs/week ( sending out resume ) he can go on un-employment forever, he says he travels all over the PNW and skis mid-week.

Such is the New World Order.