Thursday, March 5, 2009

Little bads.

I talked yesterday about my feeling a Big Bad is coming.

But lately, it seems like an unending series of Little Bads, all of which make me want to comment, but none of which reach the level of my wanting to write about them.

The Downtowner's fees? I was surprised they could do this, but's such a small amount of money. If Chuck Arnold can swing it, more power to him.

Bend Bus Suit Drop? Not surprised. Just the new council clearing away some deadweight.

G.I. Joes Bankrupt? I think of this as a N.W. company, and they've been in Bend forever. But they kept changing their focus so much, I couldn't figure out what kind of store they were.

Blockbusters looking at possible Bankruptcy? I'm telling you, many of these chains are going that direction, because they were built as Ponzi schemes, and founded on debt.

I could go on and on with the Little Bads.

Fundamentally, things are not sound. Tourism is down, construction has all but disappeared, stores are struggling, unemployment is skyrocketing (I get people in every day, who have either just been laid off, or are looking for work.)

I think this a long haul. No simple answers, and no quick upturn.


Little Old said...

I'm glad I was a "freak" and planned for the "next great depression" several years ago. I think you'll also be happy you've thought ahead.

So many in Bend haven't :(

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you, many of these chains are going that direction, because they were built as Ponzi schemes, and founded on debt.


Little people such as yourself get in a snit thinking about 'easy-money' that created the bend-bubble 2002->2006 where every hair-lip in Bend was given a wheel-barrel of money without a job, and bad credit, ... to move out of their rented mill-shack, and into a Siberian east SE27th Bend STD McMansion, ... all laughed.

The thing that nobody talks about and nobody understands, is that 20+ years ago hair-lip corps like Blockbuster, GI-JOES, Monaco-Coach, Les Schwab, ... et-al were given unlimited easy-money, ... where they built stores and expanded capacity, ... no wonder that post 911 BUSH opened the spigot so little people could BUY more.

Then along came the dreaded 2007/2008 credit-contraction, where everybody that need DEBT in order to live DIED. So how many? More than 1/2 of Bend citizenry will die on the vine, the but CORPORATIONS, perhaps 90% will die, which of course means no jobs.

The future Bend will be those with utility, and/or city/county/state jobs, all else will eat at the soup kitchen.

What took so long for people to see the light? For a week now its been Obama-vs-Limbaugh, but they're both owned by the same corporations that are now bankrupt.

The coming years are going to be ugly? How ugly? Just look closely at Iceland or Ireland today.