Sunday, November 24, 2013

Such a great feeling.

I don't want to get sappy, but I love writing the first few chapters of a new book.  It's like I'm at the beginning of a great adventure.  Oh sure, later I'll come back and find all kinds of flaws, but for now, it's the simple sheer joy of creation.

I'm pretty amazed by it each time.  Who knew?

I'd never really seriously considered writing a sequel to Deviltree.  Oh, I'd always known that the device of a Deeptower lent itself to that possibility.  But I hadn't been considering it.

Then yesterday, I just started writing it.

First chapter came easy.  Well, that often happens.  I've probably written dozens of first chapters without a decent followup.  (Though not in the last couple of years -- I seem to be finishing everything I start, nowadays.)

First chapter, a young prince escaping his pursuers, finding a Deeptower, and then being saved by the strange creature who emerges.  But then the creature turns around and tosses the hero into the dark depths.

Second chapter?

I woke up this morning, curious.  I started to take a shower and the scene flowed into me.

Hero wakes up and there are three dragon heads staring down on him.  A couple of hours later, I have the second chapter done.

How does that happen?  It's as if my subconscious was ready for this, as if it knew before I did that there was a story there.  It's a miraculous feeling.  I get such a kick out of it.

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