Saturday, November 16, 2013

Enough is enough.

Have locked myself in the room for the day, and plan to do so for the next three or four days.

Hopefully get a full complete and satisfying draft done.

I'm going to spend the first hour or two telling the story to myself, outloud, with the computer off.  Just tell the story to myself -- the feelings of the characters, what's happening, the essence of what I'm feeling about it.

When I feel that I've totally encompassed the story in my mind and heart, open the computer and start re-writing.

It is 11:00.

So I begin.

Decided to eat first, so I could stay in the moment longer...

OK.  11:15.  Turning out the lights and telling myself a story.

7:15.  Got bogged down in structure all day.  Deciding on a final order of chapters tonight and then start the real rewrite tomorrow.  Enough is enough.

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