Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another brainstorm, another mess with the damn book.

I've had another idea.

So I have the main character dealing with the Cthuhlu invasion, right?

But I also have a backstory of the gaining and losing the great love of his life, Lillian.  In this backstory, Cobb visits writers of the strange and the fantastic.

So I tried hard to filter these back stories into the main plot of the book, but I feel like it stops the forward progression every time.

So my brainstorm is -- what if I take all the back stories and make it a separate part of the book?

Part One, roughly a third of the book, I have Cobb to terms with the idea that there is a Cthuhlu invasion.

Part Two, I have all the back stories explaining how they got there.

Part Three, back to the main plot of dealing withe invasion and the confrontation.

It's actually a very simple solution.  Almost two stories, with one in the middle of the other.  It works only if each part is interesting on its own.

Would that work, or would that be even a worse blockage of the story?

I think I'll give it a try and see what happens.

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