Sunday, November 10, 2013

Drugs had nothing to do with it.

Watched American Masters "Jimi Hendrix" last night.

Not a lot there I didn't know.  But I did think it strange that they barely mentioned his drug use.

Now I don't much like drugs, they did me harm, but I've somewhat mellowed over the years about it.

Still, I wondered if they soft pedaled it because -- well, you know -- American Master?

Drugs did end up killing him -- if accidentally. 

The documentary made it seem that overwork -- brought on by aggressive management and his own hubris at trying to start his own recording studio -- was what did him in.  

What was really interesting was the see how much he aged in just the 4 years he was in the limelight.  Even more interesting was how the audience aged.  The fresh faced hippies of the Monterey Pop crowd were looking kind of haggard and drawn by the time of the Isle of Mann. 

But I'm sure drugs had nothing to do with it.

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