Saturday, November 23, 2013

I'm feeling the urge to write.

After a couple of months of rewriting, I'm feeling the urge to write.

But I'm afraid of going off half-cocked like I did with Spell Realm.  I didn't think through the premise on that one, nor did I have any clue about the ending, and it came out a bit of a mess.

Last night I envisioned a clogged "deeptower" -- covered in leaves and mud, with the crude timbers the locals had put over the top caving in.  A small hole opens from the torrential rains, and a young man find it who knows nothing about what a deeptower is.

And then what?

Deeptowers are an invention I made for Deviltree, which are actually holes in the ground with steps lining them that lead to other worlds.  But you descend (which turns into an ascension) you lose your memory and you can never return.

I realized at the time that it was great connecting device to a series of stories -- but it allows each story to be as different as I want them to be.

I should probably mull it over for a couple of days before diving in...

It's interesting to me that I've gone from never repeating myself -- my first six books were all different, except the second and third books, which were really the same book I cut in half.

Now, I keep returning to the worlds I created.  I have a 3 part fantasy in mind, with a 3 part followup.

I have the Vampire Evolution Trilogy done.

I have Faerylander and Wolflander finished, with the idea of following it up with more titles like Ghostlander and Xenolander and so on.

I've got the main character of Led to the Slaughter set up to continue her adventures.

Now I'm contemplating going back to Deviltree and continuing in that world.

I really like the idea of having each of these worlds fully fleshed out.

I feel like Star Axe and Snowcastles and Icetowers are really finished.  And I think Freedy Filkins was a one off.

But all the rest are fair game.