Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Shorty shorts.

A few observations.

1.)  The destinations resorts like Pronghorn and Tetherow are finally building their hotels, apparently.

2.)  Room revenue is up in Bend, talk about downtown Bend being busy.  So let us be busy and quit closing the streets, please.

3.)  Rays is leaving.  I think it's hard for midsized companies who do the same thing as big boxes.  Specialty stores probably have a better chance of surviving, if their goals are modest enough.

4.)  Ebook sales are down for the year, regular book sales are up.  Can we say, "fad?"

5.)  Amazon insiders are exclusively selling, not buying.  Amazon is concentrating on new ventures.  (Which means what for the old ventures?  That never made money?)

6.)  Bend is growing again.  More and more mentions of Portland and Oregon on TV shows -- as weird and happening places.

7.)  Looks like Bend will survive, thanks to tourism.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"Looks like Bend will survive ......."

I'm sure that will come as a disappointment to some people.