Friday, November 22, 2013

Everyone remembers.

OK.  My Kennedy experience.  Which is pretty much the same experience as everyone else who was of school age.

Someone comes in and whispers in teacher's ear.  She leaves the room, comes back crying.  Tells us that President Kennedy is dead, and sends us home.

I remember walking up the path to my house with a friend and saying, "Well, he wasn't a very good president anyway."  Probably parroting something my Dad had said while JFK was alive.

In my defense, that comment has stayed with me ever since.  I've felt guilty about it ever since.  All I can think is, I didn't understand the finality of death.

I was a just turned 11 year old, who was impressionable and naive.  I was clued to the TV for the next several days.  Maybe my first real experience with tragedy.

Still, I wish I could go back and take back that stupid statement.  Little psychopath.

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