Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Cold.

I woke up this morning with a cold, the first one in a couple of years.

Weirdly, I knew it was coming. Linda thinks that I actually schedule illness for when I can afford the time to be sick.

My life had in place all the pre-requisites. Exhaustion after a long stressful stretch. A period of looming downtime (three days). And I no longer need to be quite at the top of my game.

I figured the first random bug that came along would get me.


My son Todd and his girlfriend Sarah were home for the weekend, and cooked us a fabulous Christmas meal. Linda's brother Dave came, and my Dad. After opening gifts, we watched the extended AVATAR. Dad made it through about 1 hour and proclaimed he'd be dreaming about big blue people. Dave hadn't seen it before, and I enjoyed watching it without the 3-D. (And thankful that I went with the biggest screen I could buy). Linda saw it for about the umpteenth time -- she loves this movie.

It was great to have a family Christmas, in some ways our first after the passing of Mom and then Tina. I hope we can make some kind of tradition of it. When it's just Linda and I, we don't bother much with all the accoutrements.


Business was good this Christmas season. I don't want to say anymore until the end of the month, because this last week is important and I don't want to jinx it. I shall give a full accounting -- but, well, it's looking good. (See, I can be positive when warranted!)

I'm going to bop to the store to vacuum, because it really got a bit too much at the end, mostly little pebbles all over the carpet that would roll under my feet, but I never seemed to have the free half hour to scoop them up.

Then on to doing the monthly orders -- as soon as Todd and Sarah take off. Once again, I'm thankful that this 8 or 10 hour job isn't that onerous to me. I can even do the first part while watching football.



H. Bruce Miller said...

Received a Nook for Christmas. It's a certified piece o' shit. When I try to buy and download a book it hangs up. Tried resetting it (which, absurdly, requires removing the back cover, taking out the battery, leaving it out for 30 minutes and reinserting it) to no avail. It's probably going back to the store Monday.

If e-readers are ever going to replace printed books they're going to have to work a lot of bugs out first.

Sorry about your cold, Dunc.

Duncan McGeary said...

Yeah, the first time there is a bug, I'm stymied. And the more complicated the tech, the more bugs.

Hell, I won't be buying any more electronic signage or machinery for the store, because they always, always break. A wooden sign if forever.

My computer and my register. That's it.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"My computer and my register. That's it."

Reminds me of the "that's all I need" scene in Steve Martin's "The Jerk":

Technology promises fun and convenience but generally delivers a big load of hassle and frustration. IMHO.

I vow not to ever, ever buy another electronic toy. Never, ever.

Of course I've been down that road before.

H. Bruce Miller said...

I have to admit that my iPod has given me almost pure unalloyed pleasure. Maybe (probably?) I should have gotten an iPad instead of a Nook. But the $500 price tag was too big a hurdle to clear.

H. Bruce Miller said...

Update on the Nook: I most foully and egregiously libeled it in my first post. It's working now, and the problem seems to have been with my router, not the Nook. I downloaded a couple of books and have to admit it's pretty cool. Will be excellent for vacations and traveling -- I like to have three or four books going at the same time, and who wants to pack that many? Plus it should alleviate the too-many-books-around-the-house problem, which was getting out of hand.