Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Light flurries.

You know what would be the most perfect day for Christmas to fall on? For a retailer?


Next year, Christmas falls on a Sunday.

Saturday is pretty good, but the day after isn't as good as usual.


"Here -- have a Green Lantern ring. But....you must wear it out the door, and for one hour afterwards....No? Really?"


Woman wanted "The Night Before Christmas." I showed her, "It Ate Billy For Christmas." Why wouldn't she want that? Really.


The customer is always right -- especially when they're wrong.


Natalie Portman should change her last name to her husbands.

Natalie Millepied. Best movie star name ever.


I love Star Wars. I really, really do.

But you know what, George Lucas and Company? Give it a freakin' rest. It ISN'T the modern ODYSSEY.

I wasted two hours last night watching a bunch of professors trying to connect all the mythological dots with Star Wars -- and the Bible, for god's sake, (I like that -- the Bible, for god's sake. heh,) and FAUST and GREEK MYTHOLOGY and so on.

All I could think was -- every story ever told has elements of the above. It's called -- story-telling.

And let Joseph Campbell rest easy in his grave. Have you ever actually tried to read A Hero With A Thousand Faces? Turgid as all get out and in my opinion of doubtful validity. Campbell may be talked about as a Jungian, but there was a bunch of fraudish Freud in there as well.

I loved the interviews Campbell did with Bill Moyer, but those were done years later and maybe he just came to his senses.

But, it really is getting kind of annoying to keep comparing Star Wars so seriously with world literature. If it's really valid -- and much of it probably is -- you don't have to try so hard.

(I suppose I could say the same about the Beatles and world music -- I love the Beatles. I really, really do.)

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