Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More flurries....

The city of Bend has hired a consultant who's job it is to hire a consultant -- who no doubt will hire a consultant -- about Mirror Pond.

I give up.

I'm not even going to try to write another satire about that.


Meanwhile, is it just me, or does the 911 system in Deschutes County constantly change? And the library system? Do we always need a new jail?

I mean, I understand improvements -- but sometimes it just seems more like change just to make change.


People really did wait until the last moment for Christmas buying this year. Every Holiday Season I fear that what's currently happening back east with the blizzards -- something like that will happen here.

There's a headline on USA TODAY, that says, "Post-Christmas Winter Storms Delay 1B in Retail Spending."

Delay in spending? (Said in whiny Tom Hanks voice.) There's no delay in retail!

Anyway, that's my experience. A lost sale is a lost sale, and it's twice as hard to make up lost ground. (It's hard to make the regular sale today and also try to make the sale you didn't make last week.)


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H. Bruce Miller said...

The city's dilemma re Mirror Pond is that it doesn't have (and can't get) the money to do what most people in Bend want -- dredge the damn thing -- and it doesn't have the guts to take the unpopular position of letting it turn into a more natural river/wetland environment. So it stalls by doing endless "studies." Just kicking the can down the road.