Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fauvists -- wild beasts.

Interesting documentary on P.B.S. last night about the artist's renaissance in Paris between 1905 and 1930.

The idea that one could live on one dollar a week. In Paris. Or the little nugget that after being rejected by the "Academy" (as had the Impressionists before them, and so on...) the Fauvists (Wild Beasts -- I want to start an art movement where I'm called a "Wild Beast") in their own turn rejected Cubism. Hard to imagine anyone being rejected by the art community for being too out there nowadays. Maybe if you can accomplish that, you've succeeded.

And that necessary ingredient of cheap rent for an 'art' community. Downtown Bend has definitely lost that, and I don't think it's coming back...

(I think the best possibility of a bohemian conclave would be down in the cluster of out of the way stores near the Silver Moon. Can't much more out there than a Roller Derby shop.)


Got irked at a woman and daughter who spent half an hour of mine and Cameron's time acting all 'helpless' at the nerdworld, and then only bought a 2.00 item. At a time when we had a store full of people and were trying to get our comics put away. Ten days before Christmas. So unfair to our enterprise.

I stomped around the store for a couple of minutes after they left. Then realized I needed to give myself at time out, and went downstairs to cool off.


Had a dream last night where I was trying to write an important check and couldn't get it written, and tearing it out and ripping it up and starting over and getting it wrong again. Similar to the dreams I sometimes have of just not quite being able to complete dialing in a phone number....


I'm down to my last copy of Carcassonne, the one major game I didn't stock up on. It was an oversight because I was feeling pressured and hassled by the game rep, who was a substitute to my usual guy. I think that is the last time I'm going to let that happen. The next time a salesman of any kind gives me the bum's rush, I'm hanging up and calling someone else.

(And yes, I'm aware of the irony compared to the statement above about the customer -- but I'll I'm saying is, there needs to be consideration on both sides...)

This oversight has pretty much nailed down a final reorder before Christmas.


The east accounts are complaining that their invoices haven't been posted by Thursday morning. Since we western accounts don't get ours until late Saturday or early Sunday, it's hard to be sympathetic.

I was commenting to Cameron that I've never made an issue out of it, because I was afraid that Diamond's solution would be to make everyone wait until Saturday, and what's the point of that?

"Nice of you to be considerate of them like that," says Cameron.

"Nice of you to notice," I said.

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H. Bruce Miller said...

Bend is a town that worships jocks, not artists, writers or other creative types. There's hardly a day that the front page of the local daily newspaper doesn't spotlight some local uber-jock or jock event.