Thursday, December 2, 2010

Say 'friend' and enter.


I guess I actually have to personally join Facebook to access my Pegasus Books of Bend page. (My guys set it up...)

So, I'm going to have a Duncan McGeary page and not do anything with it. I'm sorry, it still seems too much like High School to me...

(Really weirdly, there is a 'Duncan McGeary' in London. NEVER thought that would happen...)


Comics are coming in today, a day late. I managed to get Cameron to come in today instead of yesterday, so we should have the comics out in time. It usually takes until 2:00 in the afternoon to get it fully done.

Next year, we get early shipping, so even with a shipping delay of a day, we won't fall behind, and hopefully, we can get the comics put out within a short time of opening on Wednesday.

I've got to hand it to Diamond -- they are extremely slow about changes, but they seem to improve steadily with their policies.


After the initial bracing slap in the face, the comic retailer bulletin board came around to some good advice. Mostly, they all think I should have a Pegasus Books website, with it's own domain name, or whatever.

I have someone I'm going to ask to set it up for me. Mostly a 'static' site, with links to the more active sites. (Obviously, my blog.....)

I remember, years ago, when I used to get someone in the door just about every hour asking if they could set up a website for me.... (this is not a hint -- really. I've got it covered.) Just saying, there were a whole lot of people running around trying to make a living designing websites...


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