Friday, October 30, 2009

Where's Duncan? Lazy Bum!

Linda is back from her last trip to S.F., dealing with Lois's estate issues.

There is going to be an estate sale this weekend, than they are going to update the kitchen and make a few other renovations; then sell the house.

She brought an SUV worth of stuff back, and we're going to go look for a storage unit.

Yes, I'm not working today. I've found a young lady to work for me; she is available for the one or two days a week I might need her, she's up on games and comics and books; she had tech ability. In fact, I've just basically hired her to do the inventory. Her name is Liz, go in and see her.

Because of Lois, Linda and I won't be so near the edge of doom all the time. Bless her. Totally unexpected.

Not going to change much, just a little around the edges. Like finally feeling I can afford a part time employee, and a little time off.

Feels glorious.

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