Thursday, October 1, 2009

Early Christmas.

Felt pretty overwhelmed yesterday. Got 18 cases of product in, when my usual is about 6 to 8 cases. I was just praying that the big book order I have coming wouldn't come on the same day -- turns out, they haven't even shipped it yet.

I'm taking the opportunity to replenish my toy section with the sales that Diamond is having. These are good toys, maybe a little past their prime. 30 Days of Night (gory), Cinema of Fear (Freddy, Jason, etc.), Heroes, Hellboy, large Terminator toy, Star Wars Magnets, Darth Vader Chubby, a bunch of 8 inch blank Quees, and a set of Simpsons quees, and 8 inch Elder Ape quee.

I didn't even have time to break into the action figure boxes.

I don't know why I keep ordering the 'designer art' and quee toys. I like them. And I'm stubborn. And I'm still hoping I can develop a customer base. But I try to buy them as often as possible at a discount.

The hits of the order were: Resident Evil Mints (for zombie breath.) Everytime I pointed these out, a customer bought them. I got nice busts of Iron Man and Hulk, which are an affordable 89.00 each, and a very cool Spider-man figure for a reasonable 99.99.

Quirky but fun were the Sweeney Todd Kubrick figures, Heroclix of Freddy and Jason; and Hellboy and B.P.R.D., and Halo bobble head.

The head scratching thing I bought was a Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver. $400.00!! Sure I get requests for it. But....$400.00!! It will probably be like my $700.00 raygun. Everyone will comment on it, but no one will buy. I'll have to consider it advertising.

Some interesting books. A hardcover deluxe copy of Bernie Wrightson's illustrated Frankenstein. The second book of the Umbrella Academy. They are collecting all the old Eerie and Creepy Magazines in hardcover books with Frazzeta covers. And R. Crumb has released, of all things, his interpretation of the Book Of Genesis!

The flops of the order, and one of the dangers from ordering of the 'sales' lists, is that I got 3 Japanese toys that were very pricey and yet very small. American's tend to want heft to their higher priced toys. These are very detailed and cool toys, but they'll be hard to sell. I think I've got to institute a new rule -- never order Japanese toys blind.

I managed to find a place for everything, which is half the battle. So I'm going to be really set for Christmas.

I enjoy trying to fit new product into the store, and displaying them, and just freshening up the look.

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blackdog said...

Speaking of early Christmas, I was in Costco this morning and saw they have their Christmas crap out already. It's OCTOBER 3, fer crap's sake! Halloween is almost a month away!

I don't know much about retailing, I admit, but I've never been able to figure out what stores think they gain by putting the Christmas merchandise out earlier and earlier every year.

And psychologically, I simply hate it. By the time Christmas actually gets here I just wish it would go away. Actually I feel that way by Thanksgiving.