Wednesday, October 7, 2009

90 pound weakling.

Advice to Congress on giving a tax credit for job creation.

Either do it, or shut up.

It certainly has made me pause in any plans I might have had to hire anyone. I'll just wait and see...


"Redmond Airport Ends Boarding Slides," says the Bulletin.

O.K. I'm going to only say this one more time, because I might get kind of annoying about it.

We are going to see this kind of headline over and over again. Might as well say, "90 pound weakling is beaten up again!!" because last fall was the 90 pound weakling of economic statistics. Just about anything can beat it.

So we've hit the bottom of the hole? I don't know if it's anything to crow about that we've grabbed a few handfuls of crumbly dirt and crawled a couple of feet upward.


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blackdog said...

How many of the Redmond Airport boardings were one-way trips out?