Friday, October 16, 2009


We have a new (old) car.

Lois drove a 1999 Solara Toyota; apparently very little. Only 20k miles on it. It feels new to me. It has all the things that my 1990 Corolla doesn't have; airbags, working inside lights, automatic lights and locks, etc. etc.

I love the color, a dark green that can look black or green depending on the light.

I've been teasing Linda that it was my turn to have the 'new' car, and she agreed. Plus, she doesn't like 2-doors, and really wants a 4-door. Since we have a 2 car garage, something has to go.

I've known from the start that we would have to give up Linda's car. Most likely give it to one of our kids. My car has a leaky trunk, which is O.K. since I only drive it from my garage to the downtown garage. Anyway, water gets in there and it wouldn't be a good fit with Portland.

Sure enough, a couple of days ago one of our sons lost his transportation, so he's coming over to pick up Linda's 1991 Toyota Camry.

It was fun pretending that the 'new' car was mine, though.

Last night, I finally relented and said, "Look, it makes no sense for us to do anything but have you drive the new car..."

And, she felt bad about it, and quickly agreed. Heh.

Really, I don't care what car I drive. It will be nice to have a high functioning and perhaps safer vehicle for trips, but other than driving to and from work, I don't need much transportation.

Today's my last day with 'Greenie'; though Linda says I can drive it on her day's off....right.

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Jeff said...

Congrats on the new car that you almost had!

"My car has a leaky trunk"

It's probably the rubber seals ... perhaps from opening the trunk when water had frozen them together. Shouldn't be too hard/expensive to get new rubber seals. Then you might want to put silicon spray on to keep them from freezing tight again. Just a thought.