Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hay, a surprise!

"Surprise: Services sector expanded in September" says a headline in USA Today.


It's only a surprise if you are comatose.

Um....last September. What happened last September? I seem to remember McCain flying to Washington to save us from....something. What could it be?

We are going to hear headline after headline like this -- and all they mean is that we've moved one step back from the brink.


Got to work on Saturday, and the streets were already coated with loose hay.

Another childhood memory of growing up in Bend. Playing in hay bales. It was loads of fun.

It was only when you got home and undressed that you found hay in every single crevice of your clothing. You'd wash your clothes (well, your mother would) and put on your fresh underwear and go to school, and halfway through the day you'd get a digging, scratching feeling in a place you couldn't do anything about in public.

So I hope the kids had lots of fun in the hay bales over the weekend. Meanwhile I'm finding hay in every nook and cranny of the store. I've just left the vacuum cleaner in the corner, and do a quick run every few hours.


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