Sunday, October 4, 2009

Falls (?!) Here.

Had a very good day at the store, yesterday, during the Fall Festival. So good, I thought about opening today. Woke up, looked out the window, and decided that was a bad idea.

It was funny, a few flakes started falling mid-afternoon, and the streets cleared out. I started joking that if it was the Winter Festival, everyone would've stuck around.

I've mentioned before that, over the years, my store would go it's own way with results, because of the dynamics of hot and cold product. In fact, the Reagan recession and the Great Recession are the only two times the outside economy mirrored mine.

Right now, the magic sales are really skewing the results. Sell a couple boxes a day, and I add quite a bit to the bottom line.


God help me, I watched all 12 hours of Ken Burns docu on the National Parks. I watched them all patchwork; started with the second hour of the second show, then the second hour of the third show, then the first hour of the third show, and so on...finishing last night with the first two hours.

Everytime I heard the theme music, it reminded me of the Lord of the Rings. And it is almost sincerity overdose, you know. The commentators are all so bloody earnest.

As a native Bendite, I don't see the national parks as a 'pristine' wilderness experience. A scenic experience, yes. But too well developed, at least in the accessible parts, and way too crowded. Heading into the Cascades for an afternoon walk is more a pure experience of nature, in my opinion. And it doesn't cost anything.

But I will say this -- it's a good thing they showed this show with winter approaching, instead of in the spring, or the parks would've been inundated with the barbarian hordes...

I wanted to hop in my car and head for Crater Lake.


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