Friday, October 9, 2009

Headline browsing.

Headline in the Source: Bend Film; the Movies and the Parties.

Um...why do I feel it's more about the parties than the movies?


Headline in the Bulletin: "Retailers Post Gains."

90 pound weakling gets pulverized again.


"OSU Won't Relocate"..."To Bend."

I think my comment at the time was, "Anyone want to bet on the odds of this happening?"


"More Local Homeowners Pull Back From Foreclosure."

Well, the gist of the article wasn't exactly glowing in success. It made 'Loan Modification' sound about as rare as finding a Unicorn and a Virgin in the same meadow at the same time....



dkgoodman said...

There was an article about an accounting error in the Redmond schools that's going to cost taxpayers more money. Last line of the article was something to the effect of, "We would have mentioned it last winter, but we were busy."

dkgoodman said...

For your mugshot viewing pleasure...

Deschutes Cty Most Wanted