Friday, July 17, 2009

Wow, that sounds really good!

In conjunction with trying to relax at my store, I've been buying music CD's.

After being dormant in my musical tastes for years (I'm perfectly happy playing decade old cd's) I purchased about 10 for the store a couple of years ago. A few months ago, I finally realized they would never sell, and opened them up.

Arcade Fire, the Shins, the New Pornographers, and so on.

Even these are a little long in the tooth, a couple of years old. For instance, I'm really digging the last Cheap Trick album, and I read this morning that there is a new Cheap Trick album.

Linda bought me the new Elvis Costello.

I've got a bet on with the new Wilco album at stake, but I don't know if I want to wait that long.

Reminds me a bit of how I started reading fantasy and science fiction again when the Lord of the Rings movies came out. I'd been off them for a decade or so, reading mostly mysteries, but it was fun to come back to them and discover new authors...

I'm trying to loosen up a bit. Allow myself to buy the occasional thing. Actually buy a donut at the 7-11. I can afford now not to just eat peanut butter sandwiches and listen to early Elvis Costello albums.


David said...

When I lived in Florida I lucked into a Cheap Trick concert in 95. I couldn't believe how great they still were. I saw them just about yearly thereafter (Robin Zander, the singer, lives in the Tampa Bay area, so they performed there often) -- till I left civilization, that is.

Duncan McGeary said...

Yeah, I missed Cheap Trick the first time around, but whatever they got they still got it.

On my docket right now is, The Subdudes, the Shins, Elvis Costello, The New Pornographers, and....the Smithereens...with a song about Seattle grunge.

How long ago was grunge?

Is grunge the new classic rock?

Still a great album, though. ("A Date With...")

blackdog said...

Hey Dunc, they got this great thing now called "iTunes." It's free software, and after you install it you can actually "download" music from this place called "the Web" and put it on YOUR OWN COMPUTER and play it whenever you want to! You can even "burn" a copy of the music onto your own blank CD! And most amazing of all, there's also this nifty portable little thing called an "iPod" on which you can put the music you "downloaded" and listen to it whenever and wherever you like!

Maybe the best part is that you don't have to buy a whole CD to get the one or two songs you want to own -- you can "download" them INDIVIDUALLY! And typically they cost only 99 cents each!

Check it out, dude. Could be a life-changing experience.

Duncan McGeary said...

Too much work.

Michael said...

Ran across this Kindle story and thought of you. I'm not sure the world can get any weirder.

Duncan McGeary said...

Hah! HO, HO Ho!!! MewaaaahhhhhaaaaaHaaha!!!!

That's funny, but it's actually also kind of chilling, you know.

Amazon just convinced me to NEVER buy a Kindle.

We'd all freak if jack-booted agents invaded our house and took our books.

But it's O.K. for Amazon?

Duncan McGeary said...

I mean even if they promised never to do it again, the fact that they even have the power to do that is weird.

No thanks.

It really makes me think of an Orwellian future where the past is erased and replaced.

So you think you read a book and you go back and it's different. Because you've given control of the content to someone else!!!!!


blackdog said...

"Amazon just convinced me to NEVER buy a Kindle."

When we were in Hawaii last month I saw a guy reading a Kindle on the beach. I asked if I could have a look at it. I was not impressed. I like the heft, the feel, the texture, the smell of a REAL book. I guess Kindle might be okay for reading some boring business tome or scientific text, but not history or literature.

blackdog said...

"Too much work."

I'll teach you how to do it if you want. Even a Luddite like you should be able to get the hang of it in a day.