Friday, July 10, 2009

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Keeneye from the Pizza Professional with OCD blog came in last week, and she wrote about the shop: below.

It was kind of funny. She came in with two young ladies, who looked around the store and looked at me in puzzlement.

"Duncan is a fellow blogger..."

"Ohhhhhhhh! they said, immediately losing all interest in me and store.


I also find it funny that everyone finds it funny that I'm barefoot at my store.

To me, it seems quite logical.

Anyway, if you want to read a great blog about a start-up, Paizano's Pizza in Baker, definitely check out the Pizza Professional. (Link on my Pegasus Books Blog, under old name Untrained Professional with OCD.))

"When we were finally finished, we took our glamorous toes out on the town to pound the pavement in downtown Bend.

My goal was to finally irk Duncan in person, and I think I succeeded. The girls kept on walking when I ducked into the comic book store, as there were fancy handbags and jewelry in the window next door. Duncan tallied me on a post-it note with a Bic pen (keeping track of his traffic, no doubt) before saying hello. When he realized who I was, he came around from the counter and shook my hand. It was then that I noticed his barefeet. I love that.

We chatted for some time about blogging, small business garb, and his meanderings on too much success (yes, he’s fairly spot on). He then asked me to go on a mission regarding a new biz down the street from him that he hadn’t had time to visit. What do they sell, he asked…. (Candles, chandeliers, soap.)

He rewarded me for my mission with a couple of comic books that have no business being photographed and displayed on my blog. And no… not that kind of comic book. They’re just a tad politically charged, which I believe we both veer away from. But I love them. Thanks, Dunc.

And shoot! I really should have taken photos of Pegasus. It’s a much cooler store than I envisioned. You don’t expect much from the outside, but once you’re inside – POW! He really packs the place with tons of stuff, yet without crowding the walls or the customers. Very nicely done. Well-organized, and dare I say it – OCD?"

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