Monday, July 6, 2009

No more putting off summer....

Day to day. Yesterday, Sunday, was another 4 hour day. I had about 20% less people than Saturday, and made 6 times more money again.

The lesson, I think, is to close the store on the 4th of July from now on. It was a complete waste of time.

Back on track for my daily average.

I think my diagnosis is right -- tons of product + tons of foot-traffic = average sales.

I spent my maximum budget for July by the first of the month, or halfway through the time period allowed. Well, to be honest, I spent over the original maximum and then spent the revised maximum. (I boosted the budget when I saw the 'Summer Sale' from my wholesaler.)

But no harm done if I reach my daily average, and I can avoid another week of spending money. (I made it through last week.) That is one of the gold stars I give myself every day I don't spend money.

One thing I would like to avoid is spending any of the next month's budget before the period starts. No borrowing a few hundred. That's cheating, even if it evens out in the end. It puts the next month at a disadvantage and I'd like the find out if I can keep a steady flow coming in under budget.

If I take the "Sale" product out of the equation, I was under my original budget. And it's just hard to kick myself over getting material at half the original price. It doesn't always show up in the short-run results, but I think it definitely helps the bottom line in the long run.

Sorry, but this summer is pretty much going to be a horserace, and my attention will be on that.


backwardselvis said...


Saw an article where as the "Big Box" stores leave, they are turning into "Big Blight" buildings. Thought you would like that one.

Duncan McGeary said...

I think we'll be able to use them as Zombie containers....