Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Comings and Goings update.

I just noticed the Ina Louise last week, but waited for another store to add or subtract. I noticed that Tangerine has a for lease sign in the window this morning. Both in the old Fire Station building.

Keep me up to date, people. Any others?


High Desert Frameworks 7/23/09
Wall Street Gifts 7/--/09
Ina Louise 7/14/09
Bend Home Hardware (Homestyle Hardware?) 7/1/09
Altera Real Estate 6/9/09
Honey 6/7/09
Azura Studio 6/7/09
Mary Jane's 6/1/09
c.c.McKenzie 6/1/09
Velvet 5/28/09
Bella Moda 3/25/09
High Desert Gallery (Bend) 3/25/09
900 Wall
Great Outdoor Store
Luxe Home Interiors
Powell's Candy
Dudley's Used Books and Coffee
Game Domain
Subway Sandwiches
Bend Burger Company
Showcase Hats
Pita Pit
Happy Nails


Colourstone 7/25/09
Periwinkle 6/--/09
Tangerine 7/21/09 (Got word, they are moving across the street.)
Micheal Cassidy Gallery 6/15/09
St. Claire Coffee 6/15/09
Luxe Home Interiors 6/4/09
Treefort 5/8/09
Blue 5/2/09
Volcano Tasting Room 4/28/09
Habit 4/16/09
Mountain Comfort 4/14/09
Tetherow Property 4/11/09
Blue Moon Marketplace 3/25/09
Plenty 3/25/09
Downtown Doggie 3/25/09
King of Sole (became Mary Janes)
Santee Alley
Bistro Corlise
Made in Hawaii
Stewart Weinmann (leather)
Kebanu Gallery
Pella Doors and Windows
Olive company
Pink Frog
Little Italy
Pomegranate (downtown branch)
Pronghorn Real Estate office.
Speedshop Deli
Paper Place
Bluefish Bistro


shopping monkey said...

Hmmm. Believe that was King of Sole, not Ling (unless there was a fish market I was unaware of). Also on the bye-bye list: Periwinkle. On the new list: Wall Street Gifts (I think that's what it's called).

dkgoodman said...

If you're counting food carts, there was one selling crepes on Wall St. yesterday.

What's the story on King of Sole? I remember something about them moving and/or changing their name.

Duncan McGeary said...

I haven't figured out what to do about name changes. Ina Louise, for instance, was a different store by same owner, but with a substantially changed different inventory.

I mentioned, I thought King of Sole became Mary Jane's, so they are in both the old and new lists, with a notation.

I think I'll leave the carts out.

dkgoodman said...

Isn't Recession Pies a cart?

Duncan McGeary said...


You're right.

I've removed it.