Sunday, July 12, 2009

Old dog, new tricks...

Linda came down to babysit the store with me for the last two hours.

I got busy signing up a new customer for a shelf, so she took over the register for awhile. "See, I come down to visit and he makes me work," she grumbled, goodnaturedly.

I look over and see her hitting a single button and getting 2.99 for each comic.

"How'd you do that!" I exclaim.

She looks at me, puzzled. "You didn't know you could do that?"

"No...I've had this register for 20 years and I never knew that...I always entered 2.99 with every comic."

Everyone had a good laugh.

But what's really funny is, this register is getting replaced by my Point of Sale computer in about 10 days.

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