Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sailing solo.

Well, I'm back to being master of my own fate. Sailing solo around the world. And I like it.

I'm just too ornery to share my store with anyone else. I kept feeling -- I don't know -- crowded, stymied, distracted having someone else standing at the counter.

Yesterday, as I put away the weekly comics, I kept thinking to myself, "I'd have to tell an employee about this, and about that, and how to price this and where to put that, and who to tell about this, and who to explain that..." and so on.

I can't delegate, and when I do I'm impatient with the inevitably slower pace of an untrained -- and let's fact it for minimum wage -- unmotivated employee.

To hell with it.

I'll do it myself.

I figured out yesterday that one 20 hour minimum wage employee was worth one day's retail sales (wages divided by margin). Add in Sunday, and I would lose about half a day's sales overall, even if I took two days off.

So I'm going to work through the summer, which is half over, look at the situation in the fall, work full time through Christmas. Then take either one or two days off a week in the slow period between January and June.

I wonder if I can get my State Accident Insurance Fund money back?

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