Friday, July 31, 2009

Do Me a Favor.

I ask them for a favor,
"Help me carry the table outside,
don't do it if it hurts."
"Sure," they all say.
Delighted, for the good work.

A cheap good deed.

Makes me wonder.

Would I make the world,
a better place,
by asking for help more often?

Do me a favor,
spend a buck or two.
buy a comic and a card,
a book a game a toy.

Or tell me how great my store is,
which with fifty cents won't buy me coffee,
but it will do.

I need a letter to the post office,
think you can do that for me? disappointing, you failed me...
No I joke, you're off the hook.
(No good deed today for you.)

I trust you with this money,
take it to the bank,
they'll give you back the bag,
and a receipt.

It's not enough to get to Mexico,
at least not to stay long,
so put in the bank please,
I'll be forever in your debt.

Go on home,
Your good deed is done.
A glow of self-worth,
cheaply but elegantly won.

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