Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little moments.

Jon Stewart is America's "Most Trusted" newsman. Sounds about right.

Celebrities die in threes. Walter Cronkite, Gidget the taco dog -- who's next?

Nice juxtaposition -- article in the Bulletin about a letter to the governor from all 7 city commissioners and all 3 county commissioners about the OLCC. Next article?
"Liquor regulators hit Mt. Bachelor with $3500 fine."

Paul-doh at Bendbubble 2 caught that the newspaper conceded there was an outflow of residents by publishing an informational story -- "How to Move." In the entertainment section...

3 out of 6 training sessions for the Point of Sale system, my trainer hasn't bothered to show up. Not sure what's going on there. Anyway, I'm thinking July was a bad month to be trying to train, with so many people coming in the door. I'm going to ask to delay implementation until Sept. 1.

I don't know why the Cascades Cycling Classic is trying so hard to convince us that it's a boon to the Central Oregon Economy. I have my doubts, but you know what? -- they are 'In like Flynn.' I asked Chuck Arnold, Downtowners manager, how it happened that we had yet another new event the following weekend (they won't be satisfied until they close the streets every weekend of summer, I tell ya...) Because we lost the music festival he said. But they didn't close the streets for the music festival, I answered. He just shrugged.

I have to say; the Bulletin is doing a good job of making me yearn for the outdoors. That plus all the twits twittering about swimming, hiking, biking, etc. etc. And all the blogs with pictures of vacations. Only a month to go before I start giving myself at least 6 days off a month....

There's a blue jay outside my door who is being strangled. At least, that's what it sounds like.


Bewert said...

of the Bend City Council

A panel of elected officials will meet on August 5th at 2 PM in the Barnes Room at the Deschutes Services Building (1300 NW Wall). The purpose of the meeting is to hear public comment regarding the OLCC. A quorum of the Council may be present. This meeting is open to the public

For additional information, please contact:

Patricia Stell

City Recorder

City of Bend


blackdog said...

I don't believe we have "blue jays" in Central Oregon. We have scrub jays and Steller's jays, and both are more or less blue, but they are not true "blue jays." The true blue jay is an Eastern bird.

Just thought it was important to clear up that crucial ornithological point.